1.            The Board of Directors shall investigate and take appropriate action in respect of any written complaint made to ATDO that any ATDO member is acting or has acted in breach of the membership requirements or Code of Practice for Track Days.


2.            The matter shall be referred to the Association Secretary who shall refer it to all Board members contactable by e-mail who shall then decide whether it is a complaint capable of investigation by ATDO. If not the complainant shall be notified.


3.            If the matter is capable of investigation a suitable person shall be selected to make initial telephone contact with the ATDO member concerned to see whether the matter can thus be resolved. If resolved its resolution shall be reported to the complainant and the Board shall decide whether any breach should be recorded.


4.            If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the Board by that telephone call the ATDO member concerned shall be required to pay a non-returnable sum of 250 to ATDO (failure to pay which sum within 14 days shall itself be grounds for expulsion) to finance an investigation and the Board shall appoint an independent investigator with suitable experience to investigate and report to the Board and the ATDO member concerned.


5.            Following the report the Board shall (subject to any representations made by the ATDO member concerned) make a finding as follows:-


a.             Minor breach, no action required.

b.            Breach, improvement required, recorded.

c.             Serious or repeat breach, expulsion recommended, recorded.

d.            Anything else as appropriate.


6.            In the absence of special circumstances any ATDO member against whom three breaches have been recorded shall be recommended for expulsion.


7.            Save in exceptional circumstances the outcome of any investigation and the action taken by ATDO and/or the member concerned shall be reported to the complainant.